Greece and Switzerland agree to cooperate against tax evasion

Tax evasion is a hot issue both in Greece and internationally in the wake of the HSBC Swissleaks. As a result, the EU and its individual member states are working towards greater cooperation with Switzerland to combat the problem of lost state revenues.

Earth Hour 2015: will you take part?

Earth Hour is taking place in Greece Saturday 28 March 20.30 - 21.30pm local time.

Migrants΄ newest route to Europe means an epic Balkans trek

Associated Press
The newest path, through the EU΄s Balkans back door, comes with a cruel twist: an epic 250-kilometer (150-mile) walk that is surging in popularity even though most who try it fail.

Greece’s Golden Dawn: Fascists at the Gate

The Nation

SYRIZA and the search for Europe΄s alternatives

Giorgos Katsambekis

Former Greek Minister guilty in Lagarde list case

Greece says No to Racism

The Feed
March 28, 2015
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Neither Grexit, nor Grexident. Euro and ΄drachma΄ in parallel?
Greece is unlikely to exit the euro, either intentionally or accidentally. But it might be forced to introduce an alternative means of payment, in parallel to the euro, to pay some domestic bills if a reform-for-cash deal with its creditors is not secured soon, several euro zone officials said.
Neither Grexit, nor Grexident. Euro and ΄drachma΄ in parallel?
Market Watch
Opinion: Greek crisis nears a turning point
For the first time since the early 20th century, there are the elements of a genuine revolution brewing in Europe, a continent plagued by violence throughout its history.
Opinion: Greek crisis nears a turning point
Wall Street Journal
Greek Bank Deposits Plunge to 10-Year Low
Greeks have pulled €25 billion from the banking system over past three months
Greek Bank Deposits Plunge to 10-Year Low
The Economist
Greek crisis: The squeeze tightens
As deadlines near, Greeks find it hard to believe Europe would let them go
Greek crisis: The squeeze tightens
A Murky, Sloppy Muddle: How Greece’s Exit From Euro Could Happen
With the fight to keep Greece in the euro now in its sixth year, everyone is running out of patience. More importantly, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s government in Athens is running out of money.
A Murky, Sloppy Muddle: How Greece’s Exit From Euro Could Happen
Greece the only villain in euro crisis? Don΄t believe it!
Europe is in the midst of a political and economic crisis that threatens to unravel decades of European integration and derail the world΄s recovery from the great recession. To understand this crisis, let΄s compare two countries.
Greece the only villain in euro crisis? Don΄t believe it!
Greece promises list of reforms by Monday to unlock cash
Greece said it will present a package of reforms to its euro zone partners by next Monday in hope of unlocking aid to help it deal with a cash crunch and avoid default.
Greece promises list of reforms by Monday to unlock cash
Time Isn’t on Our Side
For Syriza, there is an alternative to “strategic retreat.”
Time Isn’t on Our Side
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What did Varoufakis sign - The story behind the scenes

During the past few hours, the case of the four-month extension of the loan agreement has rekindled. Dora Bakogianni, a prominent MP of New Democracy, asked when the Members of the [...]

SPECIAL REPORT: How the Troika and Piraeus Bank sealed Cyprus΄s fate

The allegation: Cyprus received loans only on the condition that its banks sold their branches in Greece to a competitor in Athens at a fraction of their value. ThePressProject publishes [...]

The hidden cost of austerity in Greece: Silencing dissent and independent media - report

A report by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) paints an apocalyptic picture of the media landscape in Greece. Citing as reasons the ‘long standing weakness’ of [...]
Donatella della Porta

Still a chance for another Europe?

On the output side of Europe’s political system, we have an abdication of responsibility by representative institutions in the face of citizens’ demands. But the Greek elections [...]
Bruegel Institute

Greece: update on public finances

The State primary budget balance has returned almost in line with the target, but mostly due to expenditure cuts. Revenues continue to underperform.

Europe’s pink tide? Heeding the Latin American experience

The rise of Syriza and Podemos closely mirrors the experience of the Latin American left. Can grassroots movement in Europe avoid the same pitfalls?
Greek Life
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President Obama΄s message to Greece on it΄s National Day

U.S. President Barack Obama΄s message of support to the Greek people in a proclamation for Greece’s Independence Day, commemorating the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821
Partial solar eclipse on Friday
I am moving back to Greece
Generation 2.0: Fighting for the obvious
Amphipolis: The Bones ... Murder!
A drone΄s-eye-view of a massive traffic jam in Crete due to heavy snowfall [VIDEO]
In Thessaloniki, snow protection meets bird feeding [VIDEO]
Gardens of the Seas
An alternative Acropolis made out of 120,000 lego blocks
Straight Out Of Camera
Flags and signs
Nick Paleologos / SOOC
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