Noam Chomsky: Greece’s Syriza face "savage response" taking on austerity "class war" [VIDEO]

Democracy Now
Following its election in January on a pledge to confront the austerity program that’s decimated Greece’s economy, the Syriza government has faced a major pushback from international creditors led by Germany. Days after Greece secured a four-month extension to a loan package in exchange for new conditions on its spending, Noam Chomsky says to Amy Goodman that the European response to Syriza has been "extremely savage," a reaction that could face Spain’s Podemos party should it win upcoming elections.

Poll surge for Alexis Tsipras’ Syriza as Greeks learn to smile again

The Guardian
Approval ratings for radical left party soar despite U-turns forced in debt talks and collapse of tax [...]

The Greek government is calling for a radical new ΄basic income΄ welfare policy

Business Insider
Within the letter sent by Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis to the European Commission, the ECB, and the IMF there was one key line that could radically transform the country΄s social welfare system. If it succeeds the country could redefine how we view the modern welfare state.

In Greece, Bailout May Hinge on Pursuing Tycoons

The New York Times

Ending austerity in Greece: time for plan B?


V for Varoufakis: new German satire video

Amnesty International warns on continued police brutality in Greece

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March 4, 2015
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The Guardian
The new left in Europe needs to be radical – and European
Greece is bravely laying a path towards a democratic Europe, one that is not dominated by the interests of capitalism or Nato
The new left in Europe needs to be radical – and European
The Guardian
Will Greece΄s creditors choose to ease up on austerity?
Europe has a chance to admit its failings over the Greek financial crisis – but it may just keep on digging
Will Greece΄s creditors choose to ease up on austerity?
The Guardian
Greece bailout saga strains German patience
Angela Merkel is likely to win the Bundestag vote to back the four-month bailout extension – but with grudging acceptance
Greece bailout saga strains German patience
Cracks appear in Greek government as Tsipras walks tightrope
A prominent Greek minister defied his government΄s pledge to press on with some state asset sales, revealing the first open dissent within Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras΄s coalition and highlighting the tightrope that the leftist premier must walk.
Cracks appear in Greek government as Tsipras walks tightrope
The Guardian
Former Greek finance minister pleads innocence in court
George Papaconstantinou accused of removing relatives’ from list of suspected tax evaders and could face life sentence if convicted of crime against the state
Former Greek finance minister pleads innocence in court
Social Europe
Reading The Greek Deal Correctly
James K. Galbraith, who has worked closely with Varoufakis, offers his reading of this week΄s deal, challenging widespread reports in the media of a defeat for SYRIZA. "Alexis Tsipras stated it correctly. Greece won a battle – perhaps a skirmish – and the war continues. But the political sea-change that SYRIZA’s victory has sparked goes on."
Reading The Greek Deal Correctly
The Guardian
Why Germany must swallow this Keynesian free lunch
For the sake not just of Greece but the whole eurozone, Germany must overcome its historic horror of inflation and embrace fiscal expansion
Why Germany must swallow this Keynesian free lunch
The Guardian
Can a Bitcoin-style virtual currency solve the Greek financial crisis?
Introducing a parallel currency would create money and delay Greece’s inevitable financial default. But the strategy will only work if investors believe the country won’t collapse
Can a Bitcoin-style virtual currency solve the Greek financial crisis?
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The hidden cost of austerity in Greece: Silencing dissent and independent media - report

A report by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) paints an apocalyptic picture of the media landscape in Greece. Citing as reasons the ‘long standing weakness’ of [...]

Greece’s plans to purchase drones from Israel pose a moral dilemma

Greek police is eager to acquire unmanned aircraft from Israel to monitor its borders and enhance policing throughout the country but there is a moral question involved as the technology [...]

Inviting the wolf into the house?
Greece΄s top tax collector΄s dubious past at PwC

Aikaterini Savvaidou, the General Secretary for Public Revenue, was until June 2014 a senior ranking official at PwC at a time when it was setting up tax avoidance schemes for Greece’s [...]

Syriza will have to choose between Scylla and Charybdis

To put it bluntly, Germany and its allies are not the least bit interested in negotiating a major Greek debt restructuring or a meaningful easing of Greece’s repayment terms. Their [...]
Tony Curzon Price

The Varoufakis game is not chicken

The FT thinks Greece is playing chicken. In fact, it΄s in a dominant position.

First we take Athens: Europe’s debt colony revolts

Syriza’s victory — a product of Greece’s vibrant, antagonistic culture of direct action and prefigurative politics — will resound throughout Europe
Greek Life
Travel + Culture + Food + Sports + ...

Generation 2.0: Fighting for the obvious

Imagine you were born or brought up in a country that refuses to recognize your legitimate rights as a citizen. Imagine you need a residence permit to live legally in your country, do not have voting rights, and that you do not have full access to the labour market.
Amphipolis: The Bones ... Murder!
A drone΄s-eye-view of a massive traffic jam in Crete due to heavy snowfall [VIDEO]
In Thessaloniki, snow protection meets bird feeding [VIDEO]
Gardens of the Seas
An alternative Acropolis made out of 120,000 lego blocks
΄Electra΄ stars Kristin Scott Thomas at the Old Vic Theatre
Unesco lauds mastic of Chios
Run, Santa, run! [Gallery]
Straight Out Of Camera
Trial on the case of Vatopedi
Phil Ipparis / SOOC
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